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EP50: Avoiding Narcississts And Healing From Toxic Relationships! Part 2

This is a follow up show to the program we did on August 13th, interviewing a panel about their expereinces with Narcississts and the toxic relationships they produce.

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“It’s Just Your Imagination” is participating this week in the “Frankfurt International Book Fair” with "Sifrei Niv publishing house". Wishing all the authors and publishers good luck!

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An Israeli author offers advice on breaking free from familial cycles of manipulation and conditional love.

Shiri-Horowitz (Hope to See You Soon, 2014, etc.) grew up with a possessive, critical mother. It’s a vicious cycle, she argues: Women who lacked a mother’s unconditional love repeat the same pattern of treatment when they become parents. Her own mother “remained hurt, and hurtful. She copied her mother’s maternal paradigm.” The first chapter helpfully sets out the 10 characteristics of narcissistic mothers. These include concern with appearances, jealousy between mother and daughter, and a lack of respect for the child’s individual identity. In this framework, the father is often a passive partner who tries feebly to make peace. Shiri-Horowitz describes her father as “weak,” “overshadowed,” and absent-seeming. Emotional neglect is a powerful force, the author contends, and contrasts with the seeming perfection of a family seen from the outside: Her mother kept up a convincing facade, with her home and children well-kempt. No one could have guessed there was emotional abuse behind the scenes. At times, this edged into physical abuse, as when her mother threw her to the floor while verbally disowning her. Shiri-Horowitz capably weaves telling incidents from her own history with the psychological insights she has gained into narcissism. She stresses the importance of setting boundaries and finding your own voice, such as by writing a letter to your childhood self. A final poem is especially effective at dramatizing the battle of wills between mother and daughter: “Mom, you do not know / Where you start and where I / End—you are not me and I am not you.” This volume will undoubtedly be helpful to readers who recognize their own families here. It’s a short and well-structured work, though it repeats some facts (for example, the author’s mother hurling her to the floor). The book is also heavily indebted to Karyl McBride’s Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers.

A succinct and useful self-help guide for those who have been emotionally damaged by narcissists.

Artisan Book Reviews!

It’s Just Your Imagination by Revital Shiri-Horowitz is a touching story of the author’s own life growing up with a narcissistic and selfish mother. It details her experiences and reveals her own, very personal and private, revelations and confessions. Her journey from being broken and damaged, to healing and recovery, is a remarkable story that everyone must read.

Revital Shiri-Horowitz is an incredible writer and woman that has suffered much pain and distress. With tedious determination to heal from, the unavoidable, harm and devastation placed upon her by a narcissistic mother, she has now become a compassionate and successful woman. This book is extremely inspiring and will help other women that are daughters of narcissistic mothers. It will enable them to search out help, and do the important work required, to go from despair and dysfunction to hope, wholeness and joy.

Recognizing the narcissistic person can be difficult, but Revital explains it well and emphasizes that a child knows when there is something wrong. Their mother doesn’t support them, and instead, it’s all about the mother and her own selfish needs. I grew up with a narcissistic mother, myself, and could relate to this entire book. I was able to glean from it and had many “ah-ha” moments while reading it. It has given me the courage, knowledge and understanding that I need to confront my own issues, and desire to work through them to become whole, strong and happy.

Written with sensitivity and emotion, Revital, opens her heart in hopes to help others. I commend her for her honesty and ability to enlighten readers. She brings the knowledge, steps and tips to overcome the effects from being raised by a narcissistic mother, and to guide others as adults and parents.

With courage and strength, she has shared her journey of growth with the world and exposed many secrets and personal sufferings. This book must have been hard to write and I thank her for doing so. It is a subject that needs to come to light and will give inspiration and hope to so many. The ideas and discussions expressed are intelligent, clear and concise and is clearly based on much research. But it is accompanied by the author’s telling of her own aching and painful memories which led me to tears and sorrow at many points.

I believe, It’s Just Your Imagination, is a must read for everyone because it will give light to our own behavior towards others and our children. It will help those who have suffered from the words and actions of a narcissistic parent. It’s not just in your head, it is really happening. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews! review

Just found out that today is narcissism awareness day - wear purple.. (Hope I can find a purple shirt.. 🙂 ). "IT`S JUST YOUR IMAGINATION" was reduced to 2.99$ for the whole weekend. Please spread and share and of course, be aware!

The Debbie Nigro Show

Revital Horowitz wants you to know, it might not have been your imagination if you thought your mother was controlling and manipulative and self-centered and well, not like some other mothers. Revital was 48 when she finally figured out her mother was a narcissist. Her new book, " It`s Just Your Imagination" explores what it’s like to grow up with a mother who insists on putting herself at the center of every situation. It's her personal story and a book she hopes will help others raised by a narcissistic mother, live a pain-free life. She joins the show at 10:20am eastern today.

So happy to announce that I will be a guest in two radio shows this week! One is "The Debbie Nigro show" in NY (Tuesday, 10:20 EST) and the other one is "What`s on your mind" hosted be Lady Lena (Atlanta, 6:00pm EST next Sunday.

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Perky Collar Radio Show interview with published author,
Revital Horowitz

Book Review

What an incredible journey: Growing up with a mother who doesn't support you is a really tough challenge and one that many fail to survive. Shiri-Horovitz tells her own story with the intellect and precision of an analytical and reflective person, vulnerable but not a victim; well, clearly a victim of circumstances but not one to merely point the finger and feel sorry for herself.
Inspiring at times, painful at others, refreshingly honest, informative and helpful are some of the words that spring to mind. Something that has the potential to help thousands of people and an amazing journey that is compelling to watch.
Having read the author's other books it's great to hear her own voice in a biographical context. I had no idea there had been so much pain and struggle in her life. All the more reassuring that people can pull through, as she did.
Whether your own mother was narcissistic or maybe someone else's was, there is something to learn from this for everyone. Thanks for sharing your story, which can't have been easy.
Highly recommended.

‎Lena G. Clark‎ 

Understanding the Mind and Subconscious Mind

onights topic of discussion: Recognizing Narcissistic Personalities in the Family
"Reaching the people by Inspiring, Guiding and Educating with a Plan of Action"

Book Review

Dear Revital,
“It is a great honor to recommend Revital Shiri-Horowitz memoir: It’s Just Your Imagination. The deep and personal stories about her healing journey are told with such honesty, they take your breath away. This author is an amazing woman with thoughtful integrity and grinding determination to heal from the inevitable damage caused by a narcissistic parent. She shares her insights as she progresses through my 5-step recovery model. This book will inspire other daughters of narcissistic mothers to delve into the important work of uncovering the authentic self so that joy and hope replace despair. Thank you Revital for your courage and strength to want to help others in recovery.”

Dr. Karyl McBride, author of Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers.  

Revital Shiri-Horowitz was a guest at a radio show in LA area? Now you can listen online!
On The Level with JLouis Mills - Guest, Revital Horowitz, author of, It's Just Your Imagination